SpaceX: Nicole Mann, the first Native American woman to go into space, surprised to see Earth

Nicole Mann
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Cape Canaveral, AP. Nicole Mann, the first Native American woman to go into space, said on Wednesday that she was overwhelmed by the beauty and fragility of the earth. And she is infusing “positive energy” as her five-month mission begins. NASA astronaut Nicole Mann told the International Space Station that she has received many prayers and blessings from her family and tribal community. She is a member of the Wallaki of the Round Valley Indian tribes in Northern California.

Nicole Mann fought for Marines in Iraq

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Nicole Mann showed her a childhood gift from her mother that she always keeps with her. And that it gives me strength during challenging times. Let us tell you that several years before joining NASA in 2013, Nicole Mann fought for the Marines in Iraq.

Mann said that he always heeded his mother’s advice on the importance of positive energy. “It’s probably hard for some people to understand because it’s not really tangible,” he said. “But that positive energy is very important, and you can control that energy, and it helps control your attitude.” Is.”

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Nicole Mann, 45, is a Marine colonel and test pilot, born in Petaluma, California. Mann said it’s important to recognize that there are all kinds of people on the space station. It is currently home to three Americans, three Russians and one Japanese astronaut. β€œIt just highlights our diversity and how incredible it is. We can do amazing things when we come together as one human species,” said Nicole Mann.

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Nicole Mann Full Biography

Nicole Mann is a retired Navy fighter pilot

Nicole Mann said, while fascinated by the stars and space as a child, she didn’t understand when to become an astronaut and what she did. She said, “Unfortunately at that time it was not within the realm of possibilities in my mind. Which later turned into her career. Now she is going to the vast expanses of the Earth from 420 km above and hoping to see the constellations. Is.

Mann entered orbit with SpaceX on October 5. She will be there till March. She and her husband are retired Navy fighter pilots. Let us tell you that the first Native American to go into space was retired astronaut John Harrington of the Chickasaw Nation.

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